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Kooty Key

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Opening a Door Multi-Use Push and Pull Device - Made In America Avoid Germ-Riddled Public Areas

How Kooty Key Helps You Maintain Germ-Free Hands

What is the Kooty Key?

The Kooty Key is an innovative device that helps you maintain germ-free hands by acting as a handle, button, and keypad tool, that is small enough to fit in your pocket or attach to a handbag, and can be accessed for various uses that will help you stay free of germs that lurk in public areas.

The inspiration behind the tool was developed by a lifetime traveling salesman. Since he was on the road most of the day, he routinely accessed public restrooms, restaurants, banks, stores, etc. Over the years, he noticed how air blowers in restrooms were becoming more prevalent due to the focus on ecology. Restrooms that have air blowers usually do not supply paper toweling as an alternative drying method. In the past, many people concerned with proper hygiene would dry their hands with the paper towel and then use it for opening doors of the restroom upon exiting.

Kooty Keys, Purple, Black, Blue

One day, during the peak of the flu season, he was standing at the sink, washing his hands. He was watching people use the facilities and then immediately exit the restroom without hand washing or cleanup of any kind. He thought about how often he had struggled to find a method of pulling handles upon his exit without re-contaminating himself with the millions of germs residing on the door handle. At that moment, as he reached for his car keys, a thought was born: the Kooty Key!

Kooty Key is not a cure for COVID-19. It is a product that simply gives the user an option to avoid having to touch or grab public objects. IE: door handles, ATM buttons, that harbor nasty germs, bacteria and viruses.

Avoid Contact with Public Devices

As cold and flu season approaches each year, and germs continue to mutate, we need to be equipped with all possible tools that allow us to stay focused on living a healthy life for not only ourselves, but our family, friends, and co-workers. The Kooty Key is a low-cost option to help battle against your daily exposure to germs.

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