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Spread the word,
not the germs!

The KEY To Germ-Free Living!
Try it and you'll be hooked.

Since 2015


Kooty Keys

Spread the word,
not the germs!

The KEY To Germ-Free Living!
Try it and you'll be hooked.

Since 2015


Kooty Key Gas Pump

Spread the word,
not the germs!

The KEY To Germ-Free Living!
Try it and you'll be hooked.

Since 2015


Kooty Key In Use

Spread the word,
not the germs!

The KEY To Germ-Free Living!
Try it and you'll be hooked.

Since 2015


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If it doesn't say Kooty Key, Logo on the product,
then it isn't a Kooty Key, Logo!!"

- Kooty Key, Logo is a Registered Trademark of Kooty Key, Logo, LLC

The Breast Cancer Awareness Kootie Key
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Presenting the Breast cancer awareness Kooty Key, Logo

In support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October,Kooty Key, Logo has created a special breast cancer awareness version with the breast cancer ribbon on the badge reel face. For every Breast Cancer Awareness Kooty Key, Logo purchase for $7.99, Kooty Key will donate $1.00 to Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Donate  Today While Supplies Last!


Announcing the Kooty Key, Logo FAMILY 4-Pack Germ Defense Kit 

Comes with 4- assorted Kooty Key, Logo (mix of any of our 5 colors) and 2- 2oz Made in the USA Hand Sanitizer. Makes a Great Holiday gift. Get yours today!

Kooty Key vs Metal Keys

  • Kooty Key-Has an ergonomic friendly “T- bar” grip design to use with two fingers which provide greater leverage. Most metal versions have a single finger hole which forces a person to pull a heavy door with one finger.

  • Kooty Key- has added Antimicrobial properties infused into product materials.

  • Kooty Key- has 5 years of design improvements based on customer feedback. It is a proven product. The metal versions were rushed to market when COVID arrived.

  • Kooty Key-not all door handles are the same size. Kooty Key’s larger hook radius is optimal for use on more door handles, making it universal vs. the smaller hook radius on metal versions which limits the usage on certain doors.

  • Kooty Key- has a wider connection area to allow a carabiner, keyring, or a badge reel to be attached. Providing more carrying options vs the metal versions which have a pinhole attachment for only a key ring. Not all people want this on their keyring.

  • Kooty Key- comes with a FREE Badge Reel to allow easy access. Just clip on your belt loop, purse or backpack.

  • Kooty Key- can be customized to each customer’s needs, i.e.- color combinations and custom logos.

  • Kooty Key- currently comes in various colors - and is made in the USA and can offer fast shipping, full sales, customer service, and logistical support.
  • Kooty Key- is Lightweight and will not weigh down your keychain.

  • Kooty Key- will not cut your fingers as metal might have burrs that can cut.

  • Kooty Key- is made of reinforced strong plastic. Metal versions can scratch surfaces such as car doors etc.

  • Kooty Key- allows those using a walker, or crutches to carry shopping bags without having to release their grip on the walker or crutches.

Kooty Key

Made in the USA

Please take a moment to read, and please share this.

The Kooty Key evolved over the years since 2015. It started as true ahhhh haaa moment at a fast-food restaurant back then. Our first version was a chunk of steel welded to a hook, but steel was too heavy on key chains. Most people didn’t want to carry a chunk of steel around. We then proceeded to a 3D plastic printed version to keep it lightweight, but 3D printing is limited in materials and strength. It also can’t be Anti-Microbial. We were laughed at about our idea, eyes rolled, etc. But we continued to follow our idea because we believed it has a value to help people. We have been around well before this COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike most other versions you are starting to see pop up since this pandemic, we have spent countless hours, weekends at festivals, traveling around the country, and networking the best we could. We peddled the Kooty Key to anyone that would listen. At the time, the market was limited to germaphobes. We were spending a lot of our money over the years on Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, etc. only to draw negative comments from people with time on their hands. We have invested quite a bit of our personal savings and time getting this off the ground. This wasn’t a cheap venture. During all this investment and time, we continued to listen to people on what we can do to improve our product. We didn’t give up because we’re not wired that way. We decided to continue to invest our own money, time, and effort selling a product we believed in but had a small following from 2015-2019. We didn’t make a dime the first 4 years, but with faith and perseverance, we felt we could prevail or if not the end of our dream and efforts would cease. Now here we are COVID-19, and sales have picked up because people are more self- aware of the germs that lurk on public objects, people now see our vision, but with it comes copy cats. These people are taking our advertising verbiage, slogans, designs, usages we developed over the 4 years and using in their own advertising. They are using our 4 years of our efforts and investment to make a quick buck. I see Versions of brass or 3D plastic popping up and cutting it into geometry to mimic the Kooty Key functions. This takes minimal investment and thought, but they are trying to capitalize on our pandemic. Including China, who is now making knock offs. This is wrong in my eyes. Please support. “Right Things Right.” Support Made in the USA.

There is only one ORIGINAL SINCE 2015- Kooty Key!! The Kooty Key is a Trademark product, and if it doesn’t say Kooty Key or doesn’t come from an authorized dealer, then it isn’t a Kooty Key and beware of cheap knock offs made of inferior materials and not Anti-Microbial.

Thank you.

Stay Germ-Free with Our No-Touch Device

Virus and bacteria-causing germs are all around us. Every door you open and every handle or keypad you touch has "a little something" left on it from the person who touched it before you. Why take chances when the solution is so simple? The Kooty Key is a no-touch device, that simply put, is the key to germ-free living.

Antimicrobial Contact-Free Key

What's more, the Kooty Key now has anti-microbial properties! This feature has been added to the manufacturing process.

The plastic hook and the rubber tip both have anti-microbial properties. The Kooty Key is dishwasher safe.

Free Badge Reel

The Kooty Key comes with a FREE badge reel to allow the user INSTANT access to avoid touching any nasty germ-riddled objects like restroom door handles.

The Kooty Key is not a medical device or a cure for any disease or pathogen. It is simply a tool to provide the user with an option to avoid having to touch certain objects with their hands.

Kooty Key & Badge Reel

The Kooty Key - A Multi-Use Push and Pull Device

About the Kooty Key

Ward Off Hand Germs with The Kooty Key

The World of Germs

The Kooty Key - Handle, Button, and Keypad Tool

Usage Tips

Nationwide Shipping Available

Most Common Surfaces for Harmful Bacteria

Opening Doors and Pulling Handles

Various scientific studies over the years have shown that door handles are one of the most common harborers for harmful bacteria, E.Coli, Staphylococcus, aureus, fungus, and viruses. Even after washing your hands in a public restroom, you will still re-contaminate your hands the second you grab the door handle to exit the restroom.

Public building entrance doors and public restrooms are found to be the worst places with the highest concentration of these germs due to the sheer number of people entering and exiting.

Pressing Keypads and Touching Buttons

Public keypads such as ATMs, elevator buttons, etc., have also been shown to harbor these same strains of germs at or near the same levels you would find on a door handle or public restroom toilet seat. These areas are all hotspots for various harmful germs.

So, order today and experience germ-free hands!

Contamination Levels on Common Surfaces

  • ATM Buttons — 41%
  • Airport Restroom Door & Faucet Handles — 100%
  • Mailbox Handles — 68%
  • Slot Machine Handles — 45%

The Kooty Key wasn't designed to activate iPhones, iPads, or any other capacitive touch screens. It will work on pressure-activated touch screens.

The Kooty Key - Grab and Touch Pocket Device Public Area

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